Meet Dexter ( DEX ) Your Haunted Attraction AI Automation System
Check out what DEX can do!

DEX is DEDICATED to automating your business!PASSIONATE about reducing line queues!DRIVEN to interact personally with your guests!LASER FOCUSED on the customer experience!EXCITED to use technology to scare your guests!

Modern RFID Sensors & Scanners

Every guest is issued a brand ready RFID bracelet ( Your Haunt Logo ). Through a series of high powered scanners throughout your attraction you will always know where each group is. Are they going through too slow or fast. Giving you visibility on where each guest is at a glance! The system self configures over its own proprietary secure mesh network that can span over 3 square miles!

Building A Scare Profile

Your guests will be able to interact with the system to build a Scare Profile. This allows them to electively give more personal information about themselves to be used in the attraction to enhance the scare factor! This can be done online when buying tickets or through a mobile app while waiting in queue.

Heads Up To Your Live Actors

DEX wants to empower your live actors and give them tools the help scare the bejeezus out of your guests. A specialized “dark mode” tablet system gives your live actors info from your guests Scare Profile. They can use this data to incorporate into the scene story or call out to specific guests to personalize the experience! The tablet refreshes automatically when DEX scans the next group!

DEX is all about security and functionality. Offering on the tablet a security button that alerts your security team in real time that there is a problem or emergency with a guest. Allowing your team to know exactly where to go to help. DEX even has a handy “Gotta Pee” button for your live actors that alerts managers that a temporary replacement is needed. So the actor can take a quick break when nature calls.

It’s All About The AI Baby!

This is really where DEX comes to life. Mastering artificial intelligence to take the scare level of your attraction to maximum.

Using the guests Scare Profile DEX can personalize sections of your haunt to specific people. DEX has the ability to call out to that guest in multiple voices ( or even scream ) using there own name and info! DEX has several monster voices and even some creepy little girl ones!

DEX is open to ideas and can augment video ( writing your guests name in blood ) or pulling in images from their social media profile and altering them to fit the scene! DEX can even communicate with your guests in real time through social media sending them messages as they go through the haunt. A kind of virtual guide that can be programmed to fit your theme!

DEX Will Be Making His Debut In 2023!