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Who We Are

A true collective of specialists, software and hardware developers, Halloween enthusiasts and all around geeks from Southeast Asia and the USA.

Our mission is to bring modern technology to the Halloween industry in ways that enhance customer experiences.

We believe that a company should not take itself too seriously and forget that behind every automated or intelligent system are human beings that work tirelessly to make sure that the end experience is nothing short of amazing.

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Meet Our Founder

Scott Smiledge

A leader in the Halloween industry for over 25 years. Creating one of the world’s first and largest special fx makeup ecommerce platforms as well as designing and creating the first prescription verification system for theatrical contact lenses. A former state licensed optician and FDA spokesperson for contact lens safety and regulations. Through the years he has worked with almost every major player in the Halloween industry in some capacity.

Most recently, Scott was the Chief Operating Officer for a artificial intelligence startup in Vietnam. Successfully pivoting the company into government and fintech sectors. Using his knowledge of systems building to create the artificial intelligence system DEX.

Scott currently oversees our Singapore and Vietnam branches of the company and lives with his wife and son in Da Nang, Vietnam.

Meet Our Technical Creator

Dave Nguyen

A strong background in Computer Science and is an experienced developer in the fields of robotics and smart systems. At present, Dave is a full-time inventor whose works involve the development of smart systems across various fields, such as automated gaming systems, arcade information systems, smart parking solutions, cash-card vending machine design and smart city planning.

His business partners include both businesses and governmental organizations. In the corporate world, Dave’s obsession is to bring automation to every possible aspect of a given business to help optimize its efficiency and profit. His major strength is the leverage on his knowledge across disciplines and product development experience to create customized solutions that really create value for the clients.

Meet Our Design Leader

Istvan ‘Eddie’ Fazekas

Msc in Computer Science, Eddie (an international team member from Budapest) has over 20 years of experience in various field of design, software engineering and marketing.
Doesn’t matter if it’s a packaging or mobile app he makes sure the end result is easy-to-use, clean and appealing to the eye.

Meet Our Director of Marketing

Minh Thi ‘Rocky’ Ho

Graduated with dual degrees from Da Nang University. With 4 years of experience in the publishing and marketing for top 1 international education group in Vietnam and start-ups.
Rocky ( as in Rocky Balboa ) manages all of our South East Asian clients. Assisting them with brand imaging and recognition. Knocking out the competition.
Giang Nguyen

Meet Our Operations Manager

Giang ‘Aimi’ Nguyen

MBA from the University of Tokyo and a knack for AI, Giang is not only the Operations Manager she is also the Product Owner for the Server AI Project.

Vietnamese / Japanese and fluent in both languages, Giang splits her time with her family in both countries between Da Nang, Vietnam and Tokyo, Japan.

Meet Our Verification Software Director

Annarao ‘Anna’ Patil

Anna has been the technical lead on VML since its creation. With a MCA degree from Sinhgad Institution Solapur (MH). Working directly with clients and brands to make sure they have the tools they need to stay compliant with all federal contact lens laws. He lives in Bangalore, india with his wife and daughter.


And Our Amazing Support Team!

The heart and soul of our company is the support staff that work tirelessly on behalf of our clients. Dozens of bright and hardworking team members that manage everything from AI Training, Speech Recognition to Accounting. We couln’t operate without them!

Although we have team members across the globe, the majority of our support team is located in Da Nang, Vietnam.

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