Professional Services

All About Our Professional Services

Diversity In Technology

The Halloween AI team brings over 25 years of experience in online sales and technology automation. We believe that leveraging well thought out and smart technology combined with human oversight increases sales and customer satisfaction.

Each business is different and has specific needs. We look forward to crafting a personalized plan for your business.

Smart Technology Created By Dedicated Professionals


Search Engine Optimization

Being Friends With Google

SEO is a long term marketing strategy to get your website listed high on Google and other search engines. There are a lot of scammy SEO companies out there that promise to get you to the top of Google. beware of these. SEO and building your relationship with Google takes time and patience.

SEO is all about content. Good quality content placed well, in clean code that people want to read. No tricks. No shortcuts. Our approach has proven itself time and time again. After all, it’s what Google recommends.

Streamlining Your Customer Support

Outsourcing With Benefits

80% of all customer inquiries are about order status and transit times. Outsourcing these tickets can be a significant cost savings for any online retailer. Freeing up your team to focus on the more challenging inquiries, sales inquiries or targeting new customers.

Tram Support Manager

Fulfillment Optimization

Super Charge Your Shipping System

We have been in the forefront of fulfillment automation for many years. As an early adopter of the KIVA robotic shipping system and Shipworks integrations we know how to save money and streamline the shipping process. Eliminate manual processes and paperwork with shipping automation.

Complete Online Management

Freedom To Create And Grow

Many entrprenuers and visionaries come up with great business ideas only to drown in the day to day operations of a small to medium sized business. We work closely with clients to make sure your vision becaomes a tech reality.

We can manage all of the day to day operations of your online business so you can focus on creating and growing your business.

Best In Class AI Hosting
24/7 Server Monitoring
Managed Customer Service
Design / Ad Services
Amazon / eBay Management
Wholesale / Reseller Management